Aerial photos of east coast U.K.

There are many ways of looking into our past old film, maps and genealogies are but a few,they provide but an insight, whereas such early aerial photography taken of our towns, villages and coastal areas adds flavour to past times.

The images help to show just how much some areas have changed significantly, old communities gone, new communities or projects developed.

This photographic collection is one of possibly only three that now exist which shows photographs and full text description of approaches ,sand banks and other hazards etc. The other two possible remaining copies are held in Belgium and the National Archives in Washington.

Several framed presentations are displayed in several town hotels and other premises and create a lot of interest to locals and visitors alike.

A good example of change is the aerial photograph of the English town of Berwick upon Tweed. The photograph shows the Town to the east of the river Tweed and on the west side of the river the village of Tweedmouth, the main east coast rail line and Tweed bridges. Two small hamlets compared to todays aerial shot.

The Luftwaffe book even lists the town of Berwick under Scotland !.

Maybe they had further plans for us all ?.